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Brett Favre Still hasn't Paid Back $600K in Mississippi Welfare Funds

Stephen Douglas
Brett Favre
Brett Favre / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Brett Favre has been very busy lately. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback seems to generate a new headline every other day. Favre is regularly doing radio appearances, TMZ videos and his own podcast. In the process, Favre is sharing lots of takes.

He's defended Derek Chauvin, explained that fans only care about football (and the National Anthem), and sharing important insight into the Aaron Rodgers situation. If the people are talkin', Brett Favre is there. Hopefully, he's being well-compensated for all these appearances because he still has $600,000 in Mississippi welfare money to pay back from the biggest embezzelment case in the state's history.

To Favre's credit, according to Mississippi Today, no one else in the audit has returned any money, so he's kind of a leader. Maybe someone should ask him about it during one of his many interviews.