Brett Favre's Alleged Penis Photos & Voicemails? Brett Favre's Alleged Penis Photos and Voicemails.


No, we won’t be publishing the three alleged photos of Brett Favre’s genitals. But if you watch this video at Deadspin, photos of what may or may not be his private parts appear at the very end. But the photos aren’t nearly as compelling as the voicemails. They sound very much like Favre, but there’s no way to prove that. Regardless, it feels like Tiger Woods territory.

Was this all an elaborate ruse to mess with Sterger? This voicemail reeked of desperation: “I’m still trying. If you can make it, that’d be great. Later.”

Two things to monitor over the next 24 hours: 1) Brett Favre’s press conference in Minnesota will take place shortly. Will anyone ask about the voicemails? 2) Will Jenn Sterger be fired from her TV show? Deadspin claims to have received the pictures and voicemail from a third party, so perhaps Versus takes that into consideration.