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Brett Favre Gets Emotional in Video Tribute to Aaron Rodgers

Kyle Koster

Aaron Rodgers surpassed Brett Favre's franchise record for touchdown passes during a crucial Christmas victory over the Cleveland Browns, connecting with Allen Lazard for his 443rd scoring toss. The Green Bay Packers were able to entice Favre into making a congratulatory video and the ol' gunslinger went all out. The always loquacious Favre got deeply personal in his 11-second dispatch. A trigger warning for those still overcome by the complicated and complex emotions of the holiday season: you may want a handkerchief handy.

"Hey 12," Favre said. "Congratulations, man, on passing my touchdown record. I have one request: go get us another Super Bowl. Congrats."

This is the rare case where this video tribute could have been a tweet. One with plenty of characters to spare.

The efficiency with which Rodgers broke the seemingly unbreakable mark is shocking. It took him 211 games to Favre's 253. Perhaps most incredibly, Rodgers has thrown 193 fewer interceptions in a Packers uniform. All jokes aside, Favre knew this day was coming for a long time and nothing that happened is an indictment on his play. His successor is singlehandedly responsible for revolutionizing the position to eliminate turnovers. Both will be enshrined in Canton. The only mystery is if Rodgers will fulfill the one request of a second Super Bowl win.