'Bret Saberhagen Appears on The Price Is Right' Is a Headline You Weren't Expecting Today

Kyle Koster
Bret Saberhagen
Bret Saberhagen / Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Recent years have eroded most of our incredulity, but every now and then something happens that no one had on their bingo card. Former pitching great Bret Saberhagen doing some work on this morning's episode of The Price Is Right qualifies. The 167-game winner looked fit as a fiddle peddling some sort of trip to Kansas City, or so it appears.

It's great seeing the righty give back to the community. It's also great seeing him wear a tucked-in jersey with jeans. It's a tough look to pull off but he's doing it with great ease.

Saberhagen won two Cy Young Awards with the Royals and ranks 24th all-time in strikeouts/walkouts ratio, as well as 68th in WAR among pitchers.

I cannot wait to see who appears tomorrow. It could be anyone from Lenny Dykstra to Doug Drabek. Please make Remembering Some Guys a daily segment.