Bret Bielema Went After Alabama's Cam Robinson, Then Flopped to Draw a Penalty

Kyle Koster

Of all the clownish things Bret Bielema has done this year — and there have been several — this may be the most outlandish.

During Arkansas’ loss to Alabama on Saturday, Crimson Tide offensive lineman Cam Robinson and Razorbacks defensive end Hjalte Froholdt got tangled near Bielema on the sideline. It was the type of play that happens hundreds of times without further incident during a football game. For some reason, however, Bielema decided to come onto the field.

After initiating contact with Robinson, he then dramatically stumbled as if he’d been pushed violently. The refs bought into the amateurish performance and threw a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Bielema put a cherry on top of the silliness with a comical celebratory dance.

What a competitor. Arkansas fans must so proud.