Breaking Down Packers Victory and Broadcasting Aspirations With AJ Hawk


As you’re presumably aware, AJ Hawk played linebacker for Ohio State and the Packers, Bengals, and Falcons. As he looks towards his post-playing career, he is looking to become a broadcaster, with his main ambition being to become a color commentator for either college football or NFL telecasts.

For the past two years, he has hosted the Hawk Cast — which is available on YouTubeiTunes, and Stitcher — and has had a lot of great guests, including Adam SchefterJoe BuckBill GoldbergAaron RodgersJohn Daly, and more.

On this podcast, we discussed:

  • Was he ever concerned that the narrow victory over the Cowboys would join the reel of Packers playoff heartbreak?
  • How happy is he for former teammate Mason Crosby, who faced competition for his job in the lead-up to the 2013 season?
  • Was there ever a point this season where he a) thought Mike McCarthy’s job might be in danger, and/or b) Aaron Rodgers might not get his groove back?
  • His podcast, dabbling in studio shows, and hopes to become a color commentator.

Hope you enjoy!