Breaking Down Fox's Super Bowl LIV Ratings and Coverage

Kyle Koster
Super Bowl ratings were up.
Super Bowl ratings were up. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Viewership for this year's Super Bowl was slightly up, reversing a four-year trend of declining ratings. An attractive matchup, savvy time management, and a difference-making pregame show featuring the uber-valuable Terry Bradshaw helps explain the rise.

Fox's broadcast was relatively smooth thanks, in big part, to the unflappable Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, though there were some chaotic sideline interviews and the new touchdown graphic could be seen from space.

The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel and Kyle Koster discussed all things Big Game media-related, including the great personal impact television ratings have on all our lives.

Also touched upon:

-The possibility of an even later Super Bowl kickoff time

-The relative calmness of this year's NFL season

-If the Monday Night Football song is misleading

-Foam fingers