Thoughts on El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie's First Full Trailer

Bobby Burack

The upcoming Jesse Pinkman-centric Breaking Bad movie's first full trailer has been released. We finally got a look into what El Camino is going to be about, and, to no surprise, it is riveting.

A couple of things stand out in this dramatic, goose-bump inspiring teaser. It's clear Pinkman is hiding from the DEA, who are looking for him and calling him a "suspect". This is presumably because he is the sole survivor of the epic massacre created by Walter White in the show's final minutes (maybe the greatest television scene ever). When last seen not being held brutally hostage by Jack and his group, Pinkman was actually working with the DEA to lock up his former meth partner.

The newest clip from the movie shows Pinkman trying to burn down the meth lab he was forced to use. He also comes across a mysterious man in the closing moments of the trailer asking him, "Are you ready?" While that voice that doesn't sound familiar, this is a Vince Gilligan film. Therefore, we should expect this person to be more than just some new character with no history. Gilligan's history also indicates this movie will consist of some all-important flashbacks. We already know the great Mike Ehrmantraut will be in the film ... somehow. This makes it all the more likely Breaking Bad fans will get their ultimate wish: New footage of Walter White.

Oh, and the most important takeaway from the first full trailer is that this film looks absolutely awesome and there is just no way we are going to be able to focus on anything else come October 11.