Paul Byrd Wears Painted-On Shirt During Braves Broadcast, Addresses the Situation

Kyle Koster

Paul Byrd was as crafty as it comes during his 14-year Major League career, routinely painting the corners of the strike zone. He's taken that practice into his second act as a broadcaster, to mixed sartorial reviews. His shirt was so intensely tight during his most recent Ballys Sports Southeast appearance that it necessitated him addressing the situation on-camera.

“In broadcasting, a lot of times when you make a mistake, the rule is you don’t draw attention to it,” he said. “But sometimes it’s so bad, that you have to address it. Such is the case with my shirt that I got from UNTUCKit that B.J. (Brian Jordan) told me that I only needed a large. So I got it in out of the mail, I ironed it, I put it on a hanger, I came over to the park today, and this is the result. And it’s not easy to broadcast in a straitjacket, is all I’m saying.”

Wow. UNTUCKit taking a stray there. Which simply cannot stand. If anyone should be casting the first stone it's the genius who created the first-ever dress shirt that looks okay even if you leave it unsheathed.

If I'm Byrd I am doubling and tripling down on the bit by wearing progressively tighter shirts as the season goes on. Let's push the envelope and see just how much circulation is actually required before it gets dangerous.