Brave Baseball Announcer Is Completely Indifferent to 'Star Wars'

Star Wars Celebration Events 2022
Star Wars Celebration Events 2022 / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

The SEC baseball tournament featured a Kentucky-LSU matchup last night and the conference's television network was on hand to broadcast it. And wouldn't you know it, at one point there was a promotion for whatever the latest installment of the never-ending and ever-expanding Star Wars canon happens to be. On a Disney property no less. Which in itself is not at all remarkable. Yet slightly more so when the booth analyst admits to have absolutely no idea about anything involving the universe.

I think I speak for a very small portion of the audience — but a no less correct portion — in saying that this guy isn't missing much. No one wants to admit there are too many Star Wars. Yet there are too many Star Wars. Keeping up with all the new shows and seasons and other carefully-curated-for-maximum profit content is a part-time job at this point. Who needs it?

Strong work. Anyone can sell a promo by pretending to love that green rat Yoda and doing a funny voice. It takes an innovator think to outside the box and go full Tim Robinson on the subject.