Brandon Tierney: The Sixers Have to Trade Ben Simmons

Brandon Tierney on "Tiki and Tierney"
Brandon Tierney on "Tiki and Tierney" /

Brandon Tierney is definitive in his assessment: the Philadelphia 76ers have to trade Ben Simmons. After his performance in the Eastern Conference semifinals and his complete reluctance to shoot the ball, Simmons is broken and the franchise must move on from him.

On Monday's episode of Tiki and Tierney, the host laid out exactly why Simmons had to go:

It's hard to argue with him. Simmons was awful late in games against the Atlanta Hawks and his own teammate, Joel Embiid, thinks he cost the team the series.

Simmons is only 24 years old, was Third Team All-NBA in 2020 and is one of the best defensive players in the league. He's not a complete waste and has a ton of skills. But his inability to shoot from beyond the 3-point line, his terrible free throw percentage and an overall reluctance to take shots severely hampers what the Sixers can do offensively.

Tierney might be right that the correct move is to just end the Embiid-Simmons pairing that has yet to bear fruit. The duo has never made it out of the second round of the playoffs. Simmons has regressed under Doc Rivers and the team is stuck in second gear. It's time for a change.