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Brandon Tierney Calls Out George Karl For Taking Cheap Shots at Carmelo Anthony

Ryan Phillips
Brandon Tierney on "Tiki and Tierney"
Brandon Tierney on "Tiki and Tierney" /

George Karl seems to always have something to say about his former player, Carmelo Anthony. He took a shot shot at Melo on Monday evening:

Brandon Tierney, who has interviewed Karl a number of times, doesn't get it. On Tuesday, Tierney took to the air and took aim at Karl's insistence on running Anthony down more than a decade after he last coached Melo on Denver Nuggets.

Here's the segment on that topic from Tuesday's episode of Tiki and Tierney:

Tierney makes some great points. It's been years since these two worked together. If Karl hasn't gotten over whatever troubles they had by now, it's on him, not Anthony.

Yes, young Melo didn't play defense and often struggled with playing team basketball. He was also in his early to mid-20s. He's 37 now. Anthony is a different guy and he's shown a willingness to sacrifice to help a team over the past two years with the Portland Trail Blazers.

People can change. Apparently George Karl doesn't want to believe that, or he's still bitter about their time in Denver.