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Brandin Cooks Must Be Pissed at the Texans

Brian Giuffra
Brandin Cooks looking to the heavens for help.
Brandin Cooks looking to the heavens for help. / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Earlier this week, Brandin Cooks publicly expressed his frustration with the Texans trading Mark Ingram. Imagine how he's feeling now after learning he wouldn't be leaving the floundering franchise too.

According to Ian Rapoport, Cooks is not going to be traded ahead of this week's trade deadline because, "Cooks is the kind of player the Texans want to build around, not trade."

I don't think the feeling is mutual.

After Ingram, who Cooks is friends with, was traded to the Saints earlier this week, Cooks tweeted the following.

You could say that about the entire Texans organization.

Houston is arguably the worst team in the NFL and is nowhere near being a contender. Pro Bowl quarterback Deshaun Watson, stuck in purgatory following a plethora of disturbing sexual assault accusations levied against him, is also not expected to be traded before the deadline despite his desire to leave Houston and the yearlong distraction he's become for the organization.

For a guy like Cooks, who's stated in the past his only desire is to win, this is not the franchise he wants to play for.

Quite frankly, the Texans have no reason to keep Cooks. He's unhappy. Teams are interested in trading for him. His cap hit next year is over $15 million. He's had several concussions in the past. Why not get whatever assets you can for a guy who isn't going to be on your team when you start winning again in five years anyway?

This makes no sense. Cooks must be furious. And he has every right to be.