Brad Stevens and Pete Buttigieg Dressed as Each Other For Halloween

Ryan Phillips
Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Brad Stevens and Pete Buttigieg may have just won Halloween.

The two Indiana natives have long dodged rumors that they're actually the same person because they look like each other. On Thursday they just embraced it. Stevens dressed up as the South Bend mayor and Presidential candidate, while Buttigieg dressed as the Boston Celtics head coach.

Check out their costumes below, first is Buttigieg:

And now Stevens as Buttigieg:

Stevens and Buttigieg have long been admirers of each other and are well aware of their resemblance. This is just more confirmation that both guys get the joke.

This is the kind of next-level Halloween thinking we need from civic leaders and sports figures. Do something fun and creative while showing you get the joke. Don't take yourselves too seriously, that's how you'll get us to like you.