New Brad Paisley Music Video For 'No I in Beer' Features Peyton Manning and A-Rod

Peyton Manning in a new Brad Paisley music video.
Peyton Manning in a new Brad Paisley music video. /

Brad Paisley released the music video for his quarantine drinking anthem, "No I in Beer" on Wednesday. It is your typical fun singalong song about drinking beer. It also features Peyton Manning and a handful of other celebrity cameos. Here is the isolated clip of Manning singing for the first time outside an insurance ad.

And yes, that is Clayton Kershaw showing up immediately after Manning. Filip Forsberg of the Nashville Predators is the only other active athlete I noticed, but you will also see ESPN baseball personality Alex Rodriguez in there. Fred Armisan plays the drums and there are also a slew of country music cameos.

This was the first time I had seen the basketball beer challenge and I really hope that it makes it to the NBA bubble very soon. Chugging beers is boring. Basketball players potentially getting injured by flying light beers on TikTok? Now we're talking.