Boston Fans Could Be Heard Chanting 'Let's Go Celtics' in Golden State During Game 1

Stephen Douglas
2022 NBA Finals - Game One
2022 NBA Finals - Game One / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics beat the Golden State Warriors, 120-108, to steal Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals. The Warriors had a 15-point lead with less than two minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, but the home team and its fans were stunned as Boston outscored Golden State by 24 in the 4th. Celtics fans who were in the building were loving it.

It's not like there were a ton of fans infiltrated the building, but Golden State fans were so quiet by the time the game ended that "Let's go Celtics" chants could be heard in the stands.

Now the Celtics just have to do it three more times.