Boston Dynamics Epic Fail Compilations Here to Lure You Into False Sense of Security

Epic fail, robot bro!
Epic fail, robot bro! /

The Boston Dynamics Atlas robot is making the rounds again with more viral video footage. This time it's a short compilation of failures the humanoid robots suffered while doing parkour tricks. It's so funny!

Yes, just ignore the fact that they can also do this.

Ah ha ha we are all going to die at their metal feet. And then they'll twirl or something. Do not fall for the epic fail videos. Like this one from a couple years back where it couldn't put a box on a table without looking like Kevin Malone bringing his chili into the office. And speaking of The Office, someone even mashed up the video with the audio from when Michael, Dwight and Andy did parkour. Nothing humanizes something more than The Office.

See? They might as well show the robot binging the show on a Peacock subscription it forgot to cancel after the Olympics ended. These things are no more dangerous than a Cornell graduate who was in an acapella group!

So remain vigilent, like Dwight. Do not fall for the robot fail videos. They only exist to give you a false sense of security.