Boston Celtics Fans Burning Isaiah Thomas' Jersey Are Morons

Kyle Koster

Sports fans are a notoriously sane bunch so it’s an absolute shock to the senses to see Boston Celtics fans burning Isaiah Thomas jerseys after the point guard was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving.

"Not my Point Guard — Kyle Gordon (@kylegordon28) August 23, 2017"

The odds point to these ceremonial pyres being constructed with the sole goal of attaining brief internet notoriety. So, mission accomplished, I guess.

Thomas, who emerged as a premier point guard with the Celtics over the last two years, heroically played for his team following the tragic death of his sister. He had no say in leaving Boston and was dealt as a result of Irving demanding a trade.

What a disloyal traitor. Definitely a legacy worth flaming.