Ain't No Rule That Says a Dog Can't Play Soccer


Disappearing into a dark bar in the middle of the day to watch Bosnian Premier League matches while monitoring your complicated and ill-fated bets sounds like a good way to meet someone who could play a bad guy in the next film in Taken series, so it's best to enjoy more passively. If something truly noteworthy happens it will get elevated above the crowded fray and into enough influential timelines to make the D-block of an afternoon sports-clip program. And folks, the process is definitely working because how else would you be keenly informed of the merriment that went down during today's Sloboda-Posusje tilt?

Interspecies scouting report? Pound-for-pound one of the most energetic, passionate and fearless athletes out there. Uncanny nose for the ball and willingness to play through the whistle. Perhaps needs to be reined in a bit as the habit to become a rover exists. Instant fan favorite, though.