Boris Johnson Lost an Epic Battle With an Umbrella

Boris Johnson and an umbrella.
Boris Johnson and an umbrella. /

Boris Johnson attended some official function today which was held outside. The details of this gathering, like the details of Dr. Evil's life, are quite inconsequential. All you really need to know is that Boris Johnson tried to use an umbrella and hilarity ensued. Just look at this video.

Insane. You keep thinking it can't get any better and then it just keeps getting better. The clip begins with indecision. Does he need the umbrella? He decides he does. So he slowly unfurls it. Then he seems to be confused by the umbrella, almost as if it's unlike any he's ever seen before.

Johnson looks around, almost as if for help, but then confidently opens it. Realizing he might appear ungentlemanly, he offers the umbrella to a woman behind him who says no thank you. At this point he goes full Mr. Bean. The umbrella is stretched beyond it's normal bounds, going from a convex to concave. A man behind him doubles over as people watching Johnson's misadventure break out in laughter. Johnson then tries to reign in the device as the clip ends.

Johnson remains a natural entertainer who has given the Internet so many incredible moments. Like the time he got stuck on a zipline at the London Olympics. Or ran over a kid while playing rugby. Or tripped another kid while playing soccer. What an entertainer.