Boomer Esiason and Emmanuel Acho Both Riding the Anti-Cam Newton Hype Train

Stephen Douglas
Cam Newton at Patriots training camp.
Cam Newton at Patriots training camp. / Pool/Getty Images

Boomer Easiason really does not believe in Cam Newton. Just two weeks ago, Esiason proclaimed that Jarrett Stidham would be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots in Week 1 of the NFL season. Now, with Newton the unofficially official starting quarterback and team captain, Esiason has branded the Patriots a team in the midst of a rebuild.


"“I think it is one of the more fascinating stories in the league - the Patriots basically with 19 players missing from last year’s squad are basically going through a major rebuild. We all know it."

Esiason also seemed to imply that Newton won the job because Stidham got hurt. Still, he's optimistic about the Patriots being a .500 team. So, there's your Cam Newton hate for the week. Not that Boomer is alone.

Emmanuel Acho also continues to doubt Newton.

Its fair to ask him to prove it on the field, but these guys still just seem like proverbial "haters." Though it is a nice change of pace from the constant praise Newton does seem to be receiving from Patriots camp. Even if Bill Belichick will barely admit Newton is on the roster, he does seem to be a big fan so far.