Booger McFarland and Damien Woody Talk About Night They Were Drafted, Get Silly

Kyle Koster

Memory lane is the most reliable avenue of content most days, so Scott Van Pelt led a guided tour yesterday on SportsCenter. The destination? The 1999 NFL Draft, which saw both Booger McFarland and Damien Wood selected. The two players-turned-analysts rewatched how their picks were covered in real time and offered some insight on what the big night was like for them.

OK, perhaps I'm not really selling it. Let's fix that.

Among the things you will see: a fresh-faced Kirk Herbstreit, some turn-of-the-century graphics, an erection joke from Chris Berman, and McFarland's Christian name. It's a lot.

McFarland went 15th to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Woody two picks later to New England. Both spoke about the profound impact it had as it snapped family into view. It's easy to forget the real human impact tonight will have on so many kids and those who support them.

Look, I'm sorry. Are you, like me, still thinking about Berman's Woody pun? Really hard to focus on anything else right now. Off to YouTube to see if he did something similar when Nick Chubb's name was called.