Bomani Jones Lights Up Darren Rovell on Twitter

Darren Rovell, AWXI - Day 4
Darren Rovell, AWXI - Day 4 / Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Bomani Jones was in "take no prisoners" mode on Thursday. After a moronic tweet from Darren Rovell about Daniel Snyder, Jones absolutely lit him up.

Rovell banged out a tweet concerning the sexual harassment scandal involving Washington's NFL team and claimed the scandal wouldn't take down owner Daniel Snyder:

Jones jumped all over him:

Boom, roasted.

Jones continued:

Why Rovell thought bringing "cancel culture" into this is beyond me. This isn't about "canceling" Snyder, it's about doing the right thing. The man oversees an organization rife with sexual harassment and verbal abuse of female employees. The Washington Post blew the lid off it with an extensive article that contains plenty of documentary and supporting evidence. There's more than enough in there for the NFL to move against Snyder and get him out.

Jones just had a great reply to a moronic premise.