Boise State Freshman Gets Five Days in Jail For Trying to Steal Sweatpants From Walmart


Jay Ajayi, a highly-touted running back recruit from Texas who is expected to contend for the starting job next season at Boise State, plead guilty to misdemeanor theft and given five days in jail. Theft of what? Sweatpants.

"Jay Ajayi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor petit theft last week. Police officials said Ajayi tried to steal several pairs of sweatpants from Walmart on Overland Road on Oct. 9. Ajayi was fined $389.50 and given five days of jail with options, meaning he’ll be allowed to pick up litter or do work release instead of spending time in jail. He also had 85 days of jail time suspended."

Ajayi, who redshirted this season with a knee injury, is expected to be a big contributor next year after Doug Martin goes to the NFL (I love Martin as a pro prospect and after the NFL combine, I think he’ll play his way into the first half of the 2nd round). Ajayi will probably go into camp as the 2nd or 3rd running back (senior Drew Wright probably enters as No. 1), but he’s good enough to play his way into the top spot.

I’m fresh out of sweatpants jokes, but how about those strict laws in Idaho? Love ’em! That last line is an eye-opener: 85 days of jail time suspended. Makes you wonder a) how high-end the sweatpants were and b) whether he’d have gotten six months for trying to nab some electronics. [Statesman]