The Ball Just Sounds Different Coming Off the Bat of Bobby Witt Jr.

Bobby Witt, Jr. launches a tape-measure home run.
Bobby Witt, Jr. launches a tape-measure home run. / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Like everyone else familiar with baseball, the Kansas City Royals are expecting big things from Bobby Witt Jr., a can't-miss infielding prospect. And unlike everyone else, those good things will universally translate into good things for their ballclub. Witt is making the most of his first opportunities to do something special by doing something special.

Moments ago, he blasted a mammoth 484-foot dinger. This would make it the longest for the organization in the StatCast era. So even though it didn't really count, Witt certainly made it count.

Baseball, folks. Is there anything better than falling back into some baseball clichés as the afternoons get longer-baked by the suddenly resilient sun? The short answer, of course, is no. There is not.