Bobby Bonilla Will Earn More Than Any Mets Outfielder in 2013

By Ty Duffy

The Mets are cutting costs. After hitting a peak of $149 million during the 2009 season, New York’s daft younger sibling has cut back to $84 million. Even that paltry number inflates the true situation.

New York has more than $19 million going to players not playing for them, dropping the real payroll to $64.5 million. Of that $64.5 million, $36.5 million (57 percent) is being spent on Johan Santana and David Wright. Only eight other players have salaries that will reach seven figures.

The Mets’ highest paid outfielder is Jason Bay; they paid $21 million to buy him out in the offseason. Their second-highest paid outfielder is Bobby Bonilla, earning $1.19 million per year in deferred payments through 2035.

Not all is amiss in Mets land. Citi Field does have a Shake Shack. The trouble is one could spend a lovely afternoon at any other Shake Shack location and not be helping the Wilpons make up their Madoff losses.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]