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Bobby Bonilla Parodied Frank Thomas' Enhancement Ads to Sell Wireless Service

Stephen Douglas
Bobby Bonilla
Bobby Bonilla /

Bobby Bonilla has returned, as he does every July 1st, when he collects $1.19 million from the New York Mets. The big difference this year, a decade into his deal, is that there are goings-ons. Last night the Mets teased they had a BIG announcement coming on Bobby Bonilla Day. Maybe Steve Cohen will pay off the remainder of the Bonilla deal with pocket change, but it's more likely there is some kind of non-fungible nonsense coming.

While we wait for the Mets to do something, Ryan Reynolds tweeted a new ad featuring Bonilla which is a spot-on parody of Frank Thomas' testosterone-enhancing supplement ads, wherein a couple sees Bonilla at the gym and remarks that he looks good enough to still get paid to play. Get it? It's actually very clever, especially if you watch a lot of daytime sports programming.

So if you need to negotiate a 25-year deal with the Mets or a wireless provider, Bonilla is your man. Or maybe Ryan Reynolds is your man. It's unclear how deep he is in the muck matching his products with people like Bonilla and the Peloton Wife, but if you're a college kid looking to profit off your NIL who better to reach out to than Van Wilder himself?