Bob Ryan on Kevin Durant: 'I Don't Want to Win With That Sh-t Head'

Stephen Douglas
"NYC Point Gods" New York Premiere
"NYC Point Gods" New York Premiere / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

The Kevin Durant trade market is closed for the season, but will probably open again in the spring. One person who will not be shopping there is Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. On the latest edition of his podcast week Jeff Goodman, Ryan discussed how he was glad the Celtics did not trade for Durant because he doesn't want to win "with that sh-t head."

Bold words from the legend. Ryan wants to know if people are tired of Durant's "act." Ryan wants to root for the current Celtics team and Malcolm Brogdon is apparently all the Celtics need.

"I love this team. I don't want to win with this shit head. And I think he is one."

Ryan added that he's been through too many championships to deal with Durant and a succinct "screw him."

We will update if Kevin Durant responds.