Bob Ley Didn't Miss the Grind During Time Off

Bobby Burack

Bob Ley opened up about his retirement today on the Dan Patrick Show. Ley talked about the decision and said during his time off — what he deemed a “test drive” — he realized he didn’t miss the grind, which was a key clue it might have been time to move on.

It was fascinating to watch the two sportscasting legends reflect and talk about whether or not ESPN would hire them now. Patrick didn’t think they would hire him; Ley didn’t give an definitive answer. Another standout was Patrick talking about going home and drinking Coca-Cola and beer after having to be at the top of his game near the end of the day hosting SportsCenter (which aired at 11 p.m.).

They both detailed the process of their jobs and their difficulties. Ley told Patrick he is going to try to replace the enjoyment his job brought by “doing stuff for other people.” One of those Ley mentioned was staying busy with his alma matterm Seton Hall.

Patrick and Ley are one-half of ESPN’s Mount Rushmore and two of the most accomplished broadcasters in the sports. The full interview is highly recommended as the two reflect over history and look ahead to the future.

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