Bob Knight Was So Confused, Rece Davis Had to Explain to Him the Shot Clock and Game Clock in the Kentucky Game

By Jason McIntyre

The refs bungled the ending of Kentucky 60, Vanderbilt 58. Kentucky led by 16, then gave up an 18-0 run, and held on for the win. You can watch the highlights below. Let’s focus, however, on the worst announcer in college sports, Bob Knight. This conversation actually happened, on live TV. The head-scratching madness begins at the :32 mark of the video:

Bob Knight: That 17.3 was up there, and the 0 was on the bottom. I don’t know what that meant.

Rece Davis: The 0 was the shot clock.

Bob Knight: What was the 17.3?

Rece Davis: Game clock.

Bob Knight: Ok, well … [unintelligible]

Mistakes often happen on live TV. It happens to everyone. But not knowing the difference between the shot clock and game clock? This has to be a first. In all seriousness, I hope Bob Knight is doing OK. He turned 72 in October.

Maybe he fell asleep again on TV, and woke up in a confused state? No, we won’t be calling him on his cell phone to ask about this gaffe.