Bob Costas Ripped Aaron Rodgers on 'Cuomo Prime Time'

Stephen Douglas
Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Bob Costas appeared on CNN's Cuomo Prime Time on Thursday night. The topic was Aaron Rodgers and Costas did not seem impressed with his anti-vax gamesmanship. Via Yahoo!:

“There are a lot of people already in the media who cover the NFL on a daily basis, which I no longer do, who have labeled him a liar,” Costas said. "If you want to be extremely kind, you could say that he was disingenuous. He was obviously comfortable with most of the media and football fans nearly unanimously believing he was vaccinated.”

That seems like the perfect summation of what Rodgers did. Another popular talking point over the last few days is how people like Cole Beasley were at least brave enough to admit what they thought, as wrong as it is.

“No matter how anti-facts, anti-science and anti-common sense some of the anti-vaxxers are,” Costas said of the aforementioned athletes. “Say whatever else you want, they've all owned it, they’ve all come out and said, ‘this is what I believe, this is what I'm doing.’ Aaron Rodgers was disingenuous about it.”

Finally, Costas took aim at the bad faith "personal choice" argument.

“I don’t want to be overly glib about this, but it’s a personal choice whether or not to get a tattoo. Or whether you’re going to have the sushi or the pizza,” Costas said. “But it's not a personal choice when it affects other people. Not only their health, for obvious reasons, but in the case of athletes on a team, it affects your team and their chance to win.”

For some reason it makes more sense when Bob Costas says it. Here's hoping people were listening.