Bo Jackson Sharing His Old VHS Highlights is the First Good Thing We've Seen in Awhile

Kyle Koster

Logging online this morning brought the usual fresh hell and then a second helping of repurposed hell to wash it down. And yet, through all the harrowing and admittedly important deluge of real-world reality, a singular post broke through in an unexpected way.

Bo Jackson sharing a highlight from his baseball career with an adaptation of the Bae Come Over styling. A highlight in which his piston-like legs pump in tight Royal blue pants to snag a fly ball in shallow left field at Tiger Stadium, then doubling off a runner at first base with a throw that had to have eclipsed 120 mph.

It is actually a miracle that George Brett's hand didn't explode upon impact.

Jackson, who captured the imagination in a way that no athlete has since, was someone who had to be seen day in and day out to truly appreciate the otherworldly things he made look routine. This is a 7-3 double play in a game against the hapless Detroit Tigers that only a few people who had cable were able to watch. But unlike video cassette technology, it's timeless. Just ignore the tracking at the beginning of the clip. It's a thing people had to deal with.

Admittedly, any time the beautiful and lost cathedral at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull shows up, I swoon like the protagonist in a teen movie when the "nerdy" girl removes her glasses and ponytail. But dammit, if this is going to be the beginning of a run in which Jackson goes through his archives to share his most memorable moments, well, that could be one of the few things capable of salvaging this week.