VIDEO: Bo Boroski Just Made Another Horrific Call

Ryan Phillips
Bo Borowski made a terrible call on this play
Bo Borowski made a terrible call on this play /

Bo Boroski is a terrible basketball official. Most people already know this, but those who weren't aware got a lesson Tuesday night during the Big Ten/ACC challenge. As Michigan State hosted Duke, Boroski made one of the worst calls I've ever seen.

On the play in question, Tre Jones got a steal and broke away down the court. He finished over Foster Loyer who stumbled and fell down in the process. Then Jones landed on him after the finish as Loyer was laying on his back on the court. Jones even planted his foot right in Loyer's chest. Never one to be left out of a play, Borowski rushed in and called a foul...on Loyer. You know, the guy who was flat on his back.

Check this out:

I mean, look:

How on EARTH is that guy still allowed to officiate games?