Announcer Goes Berserk During Hockey Fight, Stanley Cup Playoffs Remain Undefeated

Kyle Koster
St Louis Blues v Colorado Avalanche - Game One
St Louis Blues v Colorado Avalanche - Game One / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Stanley Cup Playoff hockey has the very specific energy of an action star hanging off the face of a cliff with one hand while the other lays out crushed Adderall on a hunting knife. Which is to say it's very intense. The Colorado Avalanche came ready to play in a Game 1 victory over the St. Louis Blues on Monday night. And to fight. Which allowed the team's play-by-play announcer Marc Moser to prove he'd been up all night mainlining coffee.

Listen to his breathless and pulse-pounding call of Colorado's Gabriel Landeskog duking it out with St. Louis' Brayden Schenn. The man simply refuses to come up for air.

All things considered, it's a good thing the fracas was relatively short in nature. Moser would have kept going until he lost consciousness. He's deeply committed and a true pro, willing to take one for the team every bit as much as a defenseman blocking a power-play slapshot with his shin.