Please Call Them the Pittsburgh Blue Steel

Kyle Koster
Justin Berl/Getty Images

It appears the Toronto Blue Jays now have a temporary home at which they can play 30 regular-season baseball games in what promises to be a surreal season. SportsNet was the first to report the Jays have been told to prepare for new digs at PNC Park, pending some always-tedious municipal paperwork. Pittsburgh edges out Buffalo and Baltimore for the displaced team who can't play in Canada because the country has done too good of a job tamping down a deadly pandemic.

Let that be a lesson to them up there.

Now that some digs have been identified, we turn to the more important task. Adopting a one-year-only nickname for this vagabond squad. They'll officially remain the Blue Jays, and likely the Toronto Blue Jays in every place that matters. But what about an homage to the new home?

What about referring to them — colloquially at least —as the Blue Steel? Who says no?

It's a beautiful nod to Pittsburgh's ethos while retaining the original DNA. Just a free idea for more motivated people to run with. It's what I do: half-baked ideas with no follow-up.

Whether this suggestion takes on any momentum or not, the resulting gear is going to be fantastic. Here are two beautiful early efforts:

That sound you hear is my family's budget spreadsheet struggling to compute how far in debt we're going to go after I buy all the hats.