Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Carries Freddy Galvis Out of Scrum After Benches Clear During Blue Jays-Orioles

Liam McKeone
Vlad Guerrero Jr.
Vlad Guerrero Jr. /

The Toronto Blue Jays took on the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday for some afternoon baseball. Things got chippy after Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah hit Orioles third baseman Mikael Franco following back-to-back home runs by Baltimore. Words were exchanged and benches were cleared.

It wasn't a particularly feisty clearing of benches. But Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had a highlight when he physically picked up shortstop Freddy Galvis and carried him out of the scrum. Here's a few angles of Guerrero doing just that.

Guerrero has had himself an outstanding season and picking up a particularly chatty opponent to remove him from a situation is probably a stronger point in his favor on the MVP ballot than any home run counter. He is basically a bouncer. It's hilarious.

Good stuff from Vladdy Jr. here.