Blame Redskins Fans For Making This Pardon My Take Photoshop So Believable

Bobby Burack
Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins
Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It's a good morning in Washington, D.C. as the city's football team won a football game against the deeply flawed Detroit Lions yesterday. Though, we shouldn't expect that win to change the reputation of the team's owner Daniel Snyder. Which is why this slick photoshop by the Pardon My Take Twitter account was so believable that several websites cited it.

It's true, some people really are that good on the Adobe Photoshop software.

It's important that the proper blame gets handed out here. Do not fault the popular podcast, fault Redskins fans (yes, it's still plural). They are the ones that made this believable. And, yes, of course, in a pie chart, Snyder would get 35 percent of the blame for being a terrible NFL owner.

By the way, we need to stop with this narrative that Excel is the most powerful computer program. I have yet to see a spreadsheet cause this type of utter chaos.