Blake Treinen Snaps Off Ungodly Pitch to Bryce Harper

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Blake Treinen is one of many top-notch arms on the Los Angeles Dodgers roster, ready and willing to be deployed late in close games to showcase his shutdown stuff. The hard-throwing righthander has a fastball that flirts with 100 mph and a wipeout slider that sits around 88-90 mph and is even more unpleasant to the general hitting experience. Poor Bryce Harper was tasked with making contact against the impressive arsenal last night and had no chance. Take a look at the movement on strike three here and consider how lucky it is the Philadelphia Phillies slugger didn't compound injury to insult on his mighty hack.

Hardly seems fair until you remember Harper has a $330 million contract and then it doesn't shout injustice. Still, it's worth wondering for the 892th time just how in the hell Major League hitters are expected to put the ball in play with both regularity and force when even the middle relief scrubs are out there featuring stuff ripped from Baseball Simulator 1.000.

Treinen struck out the side in the eighth for the victorious Dodgers. He now has a 2.02 ERA and a .959 WHIP.