Nothing Says Baseball is Back Like Blake Parker's Insane Delivery

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

More energy than normal is being expended thinking about the big-picture stuff regarding baseball's return, like how the hell it's all going to work. This obscures some of the great and bizarre minutiae surrounding the game that makes it so lovable. Weird quirks and anomalies are everywhere a person looks once players get on the actual field. Now that they are lacing 'em up and throwing 'em down, there is ample weirdness to rediscover.

Like Blake Parker's absolutely maniacal preparation in advance of delivering a pitch, which is even more pronounced and avant garde from the stretch. He was in action for the Philadelphia Phillies last night in the Bronx, doing freaky things.

With all that's been going on in the world, I had forgotten this Parker dance. The journeyman has appeared in 289 games during his seven-year career. That is so many deep squats and guttural grunts both on and off the mound.