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Blake Griffin is Superbad (In a Good Way)

Stephen Douglas
Blake Griffin.
Blake Griffin. / Elsa/Getty Images

Blake Griffin broke out an extremely rare pair of sneakers for Wednesday night's Brooklyn Nets-San Antonio Spurs game. According to Nick DePaula, these Superbad-inspired shoes are the McLovin 35's. While the name on the Hawaii license is McLovin, the address under his picture belongs to the Detroit Pistons: Little Caesars Arena (2645 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201). So good luck to Blake trying to buy booze with those.

While Blake has not updated the address on his sneakers at the DMV, he has updated his game. Or rebooted it. Griffin has turned into a solid addition to the Nets rotation. He's averaging 17 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists per 36 minutes in Brooklyn. He's dunking again. He looks like a guy who will contribute during what could be a long playoff run.

Last night he started and had 13 points on eight shots, including this poster. It's good to have Blake Griffin back in the nightly NBA highlights. Especially if he's going to be wearing cool shoes.