Blake Griffin Vows to Dunk Again

Al Bello/Getty Images

Blake Griffin hasn't dunked in a game since 2019, which is a remarkable stat everyone has learned and at this point almost feels mean to dwell on. People age. Professional athletes put a tremendous amount of stress on their bodies and are often limited in dramatic way without warning as injury and time create an undefeated strain of inevitability.

Griffin was recently bought out by the Detroit Pistons and signed with the Brooklyn Nets, where he's yet to suit up but expected to contribute soon. He sat down for a SportsCenter interview with ESPN's Malika Andrews and confirmed his intention to return to the rim at his new work place.

And folks, let's not underestimate the market for that particular future Top Shot. Griffin has been as prolific an in-game dunker as the NBA has seen over the past few decades. In fact, there was a time early in his career that the knock on him was that the only thing he could do is throw it down.

Life's funny like that.

Though some on this website are agnostic — or even pessimistic — about Griffin's ability to elevate the Nets in a meaningful way this postseason, a return to flight would add another quiver to his already-impressive offensive arsenal. Brooklyn has no shortage of superstars who can create off the dribble and find a slashing rim-runner for a finish.