Blake Griffin is Awesome and Annoying and Everybody Wants to Fight Him

Stephen Douglas
Blake Griffin does not like P.J. Tucker hitting him in the face
Blake Griffin does not like P.J. Tucker hitting him in the face / HardwoodParoxysm09

Blake Griffin is awesome. Blake Griffin is annoying. He’s overrated, super-talented, under-appreciated and has a face opponents would like to drive a Kia into. This season alone, Blake Griffin has gotten into physical altercations with the WarriorsThunderGrizzlies and now the Suns.

P.J. Tucker is the latest player on a (potential) Western Conference playoff team who tried to get under Blake Griffin’s skin by letting Blake Griffin get under his own skin. Eastern Conference teams don’t see Griffin as much so he just gets to show up, murderdunk and move on. In the Western Conference he’s not only the face of the league, but the star of a team you’re competing for playoff position against.

You turn on the television and there he is on talk shows and commercial breaks. Even your kids are watching him. No one in the NBA can escape Blake Griffin. His dunks are epic and what’s worse – he’s really quite good at basketball and he’s just going to keep getting better. Blake scored 37 last night on 14-16 shooting. He made 9 of 10 free throws and he’s shooting a career-high .698 from the line this season. And the Clippers are winning. 8 straight to be exact and they’re currently the 4-seed in a tight playoff picture.

P.J. Tucker won’t be the last guy to punch Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin isn’t going away and teams have to deal with him somehow. Right now the only thing they can think of is to try and get physical with one of the strongest, most physical players in the league. It’s not a good idea, but it’s the only one we’ve got right now.