Bishop Sycamore Is Looking For an Opponent. Any Takers?

Bishop Sycamore head football coach Roy Johnson
Bishop Sycamore head football coach Roy Johnson /

The Bishop Sycamore story has been incredible from the start, as the potentially fraudulent school with a shady football team wound up playing on ESPN and getting embarrassed. The entire episode feels rife with corruption and lying and it's a scandal that is still unfolding. But please, spare a thought for the football team -- which is almost certainly using former JUCO players and not high schoolers -- because they're now searching for more opponents.

Yes, that's right, Bishop Sycamore is looking for opponents for at least one open date as opponents have canceled on them following numerous exposés. So yes, you yourself can be lucky enough to host this bunch of hucksters against your football program on October 8. Who could possibly turn that down?

This whole Bishop Sycamore story has been utterly insane. A former Ohio High School Athletics Association claims to have spent three years raising alarm about the team and that it was a scam, but no one would listen.

The worst thing these fraudsters could have done is get themselves on national television. But that's exactly what they did against IMG Academy and now the house of cards is tumbling down.