'Birds Aren't Real' Guy Ralphs During Interview on WGN

Kyle Koster

Peter McIndoe, founder of the Birds Aren't Real movement, is really up to something. His parody movement insisting birds are nothing but government drones is proving some sort of point depending on who you ask, and he's now gone viral thanks to a chaotic and bizarre interview on WGN this morning. One that included him puking up his coffee.

If you're thinking, "oh, that's too good to be true," well then, yeah, you get the bit. But here's the thing. WGN's morning show might have the best sense of humor around. It's tough to tell who is really trolling who and who is being trolled. The whole thing feels like an Exit Through the Gift Shop feel to it.

Maybe there are some important societal lessons or maybe it's just a dude regurgitating on the morning television. Or maybe it's both.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.