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Billy Horschel Passionately Defends PGA Tour Against 'Hypocrites' Who Joined LIV

Liam McKeone
Billy Horschel
Billy Horschel / Stuart Franklin/GettyImages

The war between the LIV and the PGA Tour is only just beginning. On Tuesday, Billy Horschel fired another shot by giving an impassioned speech while doing media for the Scottish Open in which he defended the PGA Tour and commisioner Jay Monahan from the "hypocrites" who bashed the league on the way out.

Horschel made it clear very early in the below video that he does not hold any ill will towards the players for joining LIV. Instead, he's grown more infuriated by what he perceives as lies told by these players who complained about various aspects of PGA Tour life and used it as their personal justification for leaving for LIV.

Pretty wild that Horschel hasn't seen his family in that long, but that obvoiusly isn't the main takeaway here. We've seen other players get upset about the way the LIV guys trashed the PGA on the way out but none were as passionate about the topic as Horschel.

This is the kind of resentment that should linger for quite a while. And if Horschel is acting as the mouthpiece for other guys on the Tour, we may see more rounds of barbs exchanged in short order.