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Billy Horschel Could Not Escape Rae's Creek at The Masters

Stephen Douglas
Bill Horschel. No shoes, no socks, no par.
Bill Horschel. No shoes, no socks, no par. /

Billy Horschel made the cut at the 2021 Masters and that's the last nice thing he'll probably have to say about this year's tournament. On both Saturday and Sunday Horschel had to remove his shoes and socks and roll up his slacks to take a shot from Rae's Creek. Today Horschel ended up with an 8 on the 13th hole after he played a shot from the creek and then took a couple more hacks to get it back on the course.

Amazingly, that wasn't what inspired him to have this little freakout where he repeatedly smashed a club into his golf bag. Unfortunately, you had to be streaming the early hours of Sunday action to catch it.

At least on Saturday Horschel was able to have some fun with his misadventure after the round was over. Can't wait to see what kind of soundtrack he'll put to today's highlights.