Bill Walton's White Sox Broadcast Was Everything We Wanted

Liam McKeone

Bill Walton was the color commentator for Friday night’s White Sox-Angels matchup, and it went about as you’d expect. Woodstock was mentioned, tangents aplenty were had, and play-by-play man Jason Benetti had a hard time keeping a straight face throughout it all. Check out the greatest hits from NBCS Chicago:

If one were to have made prop bets on the topics Walton usually covers, they would have hit on every one. My personal favorite was the Woodstock tangent, laced with words that seemingly had no connection with one another, and ending in a glorious pronouncement of where we were. I also loved Walton’s unabashed homerism. While I appreciate that broadcasters usually do their best to remain impartial, everything is just more fun when they live and die with the team.

The best line of the broadcast remains “I’m much better at getting high than getting low.” Some quality editing from the NBCS Chicago team made it the best part of the above video as well. Good stuff all around from Walton.