Bill Simmons Vents About Tom Brady to Colin Cowherd

Ryan Phillips
Bill Simmons at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit
Bill Simmons at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit / Mike Windle/Getty Images

Bill Simmons is probably sports media's most die-hard New England Patriots fan and he definitely has some thoughts on Tom Brady leaving the team. On Wednesday, he joined Colin Cowherd on The Herd and went off on Brady's decision to bolt for Tampa Bay.

Check it out:

While the analogy of parents divorcing in their 70s is incredibly depressing, it does kind of fit. Simmons also brought up the love Kobe Bryant received in Los Angeles by only playing for the Lakers and that's also true. There's no greater loyalty in sports than a player who only plays for one franchise. Brady won't be able to claim that now.

Where I don't agree with Simmons is that Brady's career will end in disaster. He's going to have a ton of great playmakers around him and, frankly, he wouldn't have had that on the Patriots in 2020. Brady should have a great first season in Tampa Bay, at least numbers-wise. There's nothing standing in the way of that except health.

I get where Simmons is going though. At some point this might end badly for Brady and company. But if we're looking at this as a two-year proposition, he's going to be surrounded by a ton of talent. It could be he just made a practical decision.