Bill Simmons Twitter, Podcast, Net Worth, and More: Everything to Know About 'The Ringer' Founder

Bill Simmons
Bill Simmons / Mike Windle/Getty Images

Bill Simmons is one of the biggest personalities in the sports media game. He made his name writing for Page 2 of ESPN before publishing his own book, titled The Book of Basketball to much success. From there, he helped found Grantland and worked on ESPN's 30 For 30 projects before dispute with management led to his departure from ESPN and the closing of Grantland. Simmons then founded his own sports and pop culture site, The Ringer, in partnership with HBO. Simmons is now the CEO of The Ringer and does a weekly eponymous podcast along with documentary work for HBO.

Here's everything else you need to know about Simmons.

Bill Simmons Twitter

Here is a link to Simmons' Twitter account, where he has amassed over five million followers.

Bill Simmons Podcast

Here is a link to Simmons' eponymous podcast, also known as the B.S. Podcast.

Bill Simmons Reddit

As it so happens, Simmons has his own subreddit dedicated to his work. Here's where you can find it. Good place for superfans of Simmons to congregate.

Bill Simmons Net Worth

There is no confirmed number for Simmons' net worth. However, Celebrity Net Worth slots the sports media mogul's net worth at $100 million.

Bill Simmons Wife

Simmons has been married to Kari Simmons since 1999. Back when he was writing regularly, he would occasionally refer to her as the "Sports Gal."

Bill Simmons Instagram

Here is the link to Simmons' instagram account, which has over 300,000 followers. Not quite Twitter-level, but nobody's perfect, I suppose.