Bill Simmons Tweets Out Link to 'America's Most Expensive Trailer Park' Instead of Podcast

Trailer Park
Trailer Park / EyesWideOpen/GettyImages

Bill Simmons had some thoughts about last night's Golden State Warriors-Sacramento Kings heavyweight fight that sparked another Draymond Green controversy. He left most of it for The Ringer podcasts but did tweet out one thought about how the Warriors' front office has failed Stephen Curry to a truly epic degree, as evidenced by the play of his supporting cast on Monday evening. It so happens Simmons had touched upon that very topic in a podcast from Sunday and he wanted to attach the link to that podcast in his tweet.

He failed to do so, instead tweeting out an Apple News link to a story about the most expensive trailer park in the world.

And a screenshot in case he gets wise:

Is Simmons planning on investing into this trailer park? Will he join the commune? Is this what the wealthy people read in their spare time? Will we get a segment about it on the next pod?

A glimpse into the non-sports segment of Simmons' brain. What a day.